As of December 13, 2014, a bit more than $700,000 has been pledged by Federal employees in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts to their favorite charities through the Combined Federal Campaign.  Of that amount, 43% of the total pledges have been made on line (via CFC Nexus, MyPay and/or CFC-EEX).


Have you made your 2014 pledge yet?  


If not, click on the PLEDGE ONLINE button in the top, left-hand corner on the Home Page of this website to make an online pledge, OR you can contact your Federal agency (or military unit) CFC coordinator to make a paper pledge.  You may also call the CFC office at 401/942-2394 for information for assistance in pledging.




New for CFC 2014 - UNIVERSAL GIVING - What is it?


~ A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words ~



Courtesy of Universal Giving you are no longer restricted to giving to the charities local to the campaign where you work, you can now give to a charity that is local to any of the campaigns across the country -- meaning you can give to one of more of your favorite hometown charities as long as they have been approved to participate in the CFC by the local campaign and OPM.


Universal Giving charities can be accessed via the Search Function on this website's home page or via any of the the three online giving methods provided for Federal donors [CFC-EEX (Employee Express), CFC Nexus or MyPay].


If you have any questions about Universal Giving or would like to make a pledge to the 2014 Campaign, please call Elizabeth at the CFC office at 401/942-2394.





~ Your Opportunity to Provide Input ~




One Survey is for ALL Federal employees;

the other for past and current Campaign Coordinators and Keyworkers!


The CFC is YOUR Campaign. 


The survey for ALL Federal employees will provide you with an opportunity to help ensure that our Campaign

remains one of the best in the nation.


By completing the Survey, you provide valuable information that will assist in campaign planning.


Simply, click on the link below to access the survey:



Survey for CFC Coordinators/Keyworkers and Volunteers


We have a survey specifically for YOU -- if you have ever served as a Campaign Coordinator, Keyworker or Volunteer.


We want you to share your thoughts and experiences as well as your suggestions for how we can improve the Campaign.  


Please click on the link below to access the survey:





It takes only a few minutes to complete this confidential survey.  Please complete the survey ASAP!



A Word of Thanks to our Federal Community


During the 2013 Campaign, federal employees in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts pledged

more than $945,000 to local, national and international CFC-participating service and charitable organizations.


Detailed Reports for Campaign 2013


Dollars Raised by RI and SEMA Federal Agencies (included Giving Method)


Annual Report of the 2013 RI and SEMA Combined Federal Campaign



Nationwide (as a result of the efforts of the 163 campaigns conducted across the country), Federal employees

pledged nearly $210 Million to their favorite charties during th CFC season of giving.




Thanks to the generous donations received from the Combined Federal Campaign...


CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to help thousands of abused and neglected children and their families each year.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to help hundreds of thousands of animals through their programs and services in adoption, spay/neuter, law enforcement, and veterinary medicine.




CFC-participating charitable health organizations can offer help and hope to men, women and children around the world who suffer from a life-threatening illness.




CFC-participating charitable organizations can work on local, regional, national and international levels to: combat climate change, protect from environmental health hazards, protect wildfire habitat, eliminate pollution from air, water, and land, preserve natural resources, and educate about environmental issues worldwide.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to offer permanent supportive housing so formerly homeless familes have a place to call home.




CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to provide help for thousands of the world’s most vulnerable citizens.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to serve the needs of our disabled military veterans and their families by providing a range of services including shelter, counseling, training and job assistance.






CFC-participating charitable organizations are thankful for the support they receive

from the thousands of Federal employees around the world

whose generosity makes it possible for them to

continue providing desperately needed services for those in need.



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