2015 Campaign Theme "YOU CAN CHANGE A LIFE"

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The Contracts Department of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport, RI, held a CFC fundraiser on November 3.  The "Hot Diggity Dog Fundraiser" featured hotdogs with all of the trimings.


More than 86 people participated... raising almost $450.00 for the Campaign.





This fundraiser is one of MANY planned by NUWC employees for the 2015 Campaign season.


Are you a CFC coordinator or keyworker?  If so, give some thought to organizing a fundraiser in your federal agency or military unit!  Your campaign will be much more successful if you do as the employees at NUWC will attest! 


If you held a CFC fundraiser, we are happy to post the details here.  Simply foward the information (w/pix, if you have any) to:


CFC Director Felicia Lesnett










In a letter to Federal department heads, CIA Director and CFC National Honorary Chair John Brennan said he has been "a strong supporter and admirer of the CFC" since he began his career with the CIA 35 years ago.


"I am convinced that when Federal employees support their favorite charities through CFC, we have the power to effect great change," wrote Brennan.


For more information regarding Brennan's hopes and plans for Campaign 2015, read the recent article published in The Washington Post:










Universal Giving (UG) allows Federal employees to donate to any national, international or local charity approved to participate in any of the local campaigns across the country.


There are approximately 20,000 local, national and international charities participating in the 2015 Campaign, and Federal employees and retirees have the option of contributing to any of them courtesy of Universal Giving.


The Universal Giving list of charities can only be accessed electronically via this website (top, left-had corner of this page) by using the "SEARCH CHARITIES" function.  Note:  there is no printed UG list.  The local charity listing includes only national, international and charities that are local to the Ri and SEMA CFC territory.








In addiition to paper pledging, the RI and SEMA Combined Federal Campaign offers Federal employees THREE online giving options for pledging in 2015.


1.  CFC Nexus

2.  MyPay

3.  CFC-Employee Express 


All online giving options can be accessed via this website (top, left-hand corner of this page).  


For information or assistance, please call the CFC office at 401/942-2394.




~ CFC "New Rule" Implementation Date Change ~



On August 14, 2015, OPM notified CFC stakeholders of an amendment to the new CFC regulations to change the effective date of their implementation from January 1, 2016 until January 1, 2017.  There are no changes to other parts of the regulations that were initially published on August 27, 2014.


The official notice of the delay in the implentation was published in the Federal Register on August 17, 2015.


The public is free to comment on the amendment of the effective date ONLY by using the Federal eRulemaking (www.regulations.gov) portal.  Do not send comments directly to OPM.


Questions:  Mary Capule (202/606-2564 or cfc@gov.gov). 



Nationwide Results of Campaign 2014


Thanks to your efforts and the generosity of more than 500,000 Federal employees, the Combined Federal Campaign raised more than $193 million for local, national and international charities during the 2014 Campaign.   These funds make a real and meaningful difference to countless individuals throughout the world. 


You should be proud of this accomplishment, and I hope you know how grateful we are for everything you’ve done to make CFC 2014 a huge success.


One of the highlights of CFC 2014 was the introduction of Universal Giving. Federal employees were able to donate not just to the causes listed in their local CFC Charity Lists but to any of approximately 22,000 CFC participating organizations. 


Your 2014 pledges are now being distributed to your charities of choice and those pledges will continue to be disbursed throughout 2015 as we allotments are received from the Federal payroll offices.




Thanks to the generous donations received from the Combined Federal Campaign...


CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to help thousands of abused and neglected children and their families each year.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to help hundreds of thousands of animals through their programs and services in adoption, spay/neuter, law enforcement, and veterinary medicine.




CFC-participating charitable health organizations can offer help and hope to men, women and children around the world who suffer from a life-threatening illness.




CFC-participating charitable organizations can work on local, regional, national and international levels to: combat climate change, protect from environmental health hazards, protect wildfire habitat, eliminate pollution from air, water, and land, preserve natural resources, and educate about environmental issues worldwide.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to offer permanent supportive housing so formerly homeless familes have a place to call home.




CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to provide help for thousands of the world’s most vulnerable citizens.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to serve the needs of our disabled military veterans and their families by providing a range of services including shelter, counseling, training and job assistance.






CFC-participating charitable organizations are thankful for the support they receive

from the thousands of Federal employees around the world

whose generosity makes it possible for them to

continue providing desperately needed services for those in need.



Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts

Combined Federal Campaign

200 Niantic Avenue

Providence, RI  02907

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Felicia Lesnett, Campaign Director

Email:  flesnett@healthcharities.org
















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