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Congratulations to the 2015 Contributor Recognition Program Winners


The Local Federal Coordinating Committee of the RI and SEMA Combined Federal Campaign  held the 2015 recognition drawings on February 11 thanks to the generous support of their sponsor, PGE Federal Credit Union. Since 2006, President and CEO Kenneth Poyton continues to be a great supporter of the CFC. 


As a way of thanking the generous Federal Employees that pledge to the Combinded Federal Campaign, each year the donors have the opportunity to participate and win one of the four awards including:


Bronze Eagle Club (donations of $260-519) $100 gift card

Silver Eagle Club (donations of $520-1,039) $150 gift card

Gold Eagle Club (donations of $1,040-2,079) $200 gift card

Platinum Eagle Club (donations of $2,080+) $250 gift card


On Friday, March 11, Executive Vice President of the PGE Federal Credit Betty Callahan, CFC Chair John Woodhouse and CFC Director Felicia Lesnett presented the awards to the winners at the Newport Navy Base. Three winners were randomly selected from the Newport Undersea Warfare Center and one from the Newport War College.


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those that participated in the campaign.




Left: Chair of the LFCC John Woodhouse; Executive VP of PGE Federal Credit Union Betty Callahan; Prof. William Bundy of the Naval War College and Rear Admiral P. Gardner Howe III, president of the Navy War College. 


Betty Callahan presents William Bundy with the Bronze Eagle Club Award, $100 gift card sponsord by the PGE Federal Credit Union, from the 2015 CFC Donor Recognition Program. 














Left: CFC Director Felicia Lesnett; LFCC Chair John Woodhouse; Lt.j.g. John Sarcone of Navy War College, President Rear Admiral Howe III. 


Naval War College CFC Coordinator Lt.J.g. John Sarcone and RADM Howe is presented with the Platinum Award for their 2015 CFC committment and dedication.















Left: SES, Technical Director Mary Wohlgemuth of Naval Undersea Warfare Center, winner of the Gold Eagle Award Jim Kasischke of Naval Undersea Warfare Center; Executive VP of PGE Credit Union Betty Callahan; winner of the Silver Eagle Award Betty Jester of Naval Undersea Warfare Center and Captain Howard Goldman, commanding officer of NUWC. 


Not shown: Ronald Waters of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center was selected in the drawing for the Platinum Eagle Award.











Left: SES, Technical Director of NUWC Mary Wohlgemuth, LFCC Chair and NUWC Coordinator John Woodhouse; NUWC Captain Howard Goldman and CFC Director Felicia Lesnett. 


CFC Director presents the Outstanding Achievent Award to Mary Wohlgemuth, John Woodhouse and Captain Goldman for their committment and dedication to the 2015 CFC.













Left: CFC Director Felicia Lesnett presents the John F. Kennedy Award to LFCC Chair and NUWC CFC Coordinator John Woodhouse. This award is given to an individual or agency whose outstanding contributions exemplify the character and mission of the RI and SEMA CFC. John has led by example as a board member for the past six years and just assumed the role as Chairperson for the LFCC and serves as the coordinator for NUWC. Congratulations John!




















Thanks to the continuing generosity and compassion of the Federal donors and volunteers in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, approximately $850,000 has been pledged to support the work of CFC participating charities during the 2015 Campaign.  A final total will be provided soon when all pledges have been processed and audited


The thousands of dollars raised will have a huge impact on our local and global communities -- providing essential programs and services throughout 2016.


On behalf of our charities, the recipients of the services they provide, and your Local Federal Coordinating Committee, THANK YOU!





And the Winner Is…


On Wednesday, December, 16, the RI and SEMA Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) conducted their monthly cabinet meeting and drew the winner for the 2015 Early Bird Drawing. The lucky winner of the $250 gift card was Mr. Vathana Keochaleune, a US Postal Carrier in Olneyville, Rhode Island. “I am very excited to have my pledge chosen,” said Mr. Keochaleune. The presentation was held at the Olneyville Post Office on December 30. Many representatives from the area were present to congratulate the winner including; President and CEO PGE Federal Credit Union Kenneth Poyton; Providence Postmaster Ron Pauline; Olneyville Post Office Manager Joanne Keeling; Providence Post Office Coordinator Rose Russo and RI and SEMA CFC USPS Coordinators Nona Maiorano and Jeanne Pollard.

“My pledge is designated to the Make a Wish Foundation. This agency grants wishes that transforms the lives of kids with life-threatening medical conditions, forever.”  At a CFC Kick-Off event a sLeft: President and CEO PGE Federal Credit Union Kenneth Poyton; RI and SEMA USPS Coordinator Nona Maiorano; Early Bird winner Vathana Keochaleune; Providence Postmaster Ron Pauline; RI and SEMA USPS Coordinator Jeanne Pollard; USPS Providence CoordinatorRose Russo and Olneyville Post Office Manager Joanne Keeling.peaker from the agency inspired me to their cause,” Mr. Keochaleune explained.

Many thanks to Rhode Island and SEMA Combined Federal Campaign sponsor, PGE Federal Credit Union for their very generous and continued support. PGE Federal Credit Union’s Kenneth Poyton, President and CEO is the proud CFC sponsor since 2006. PGE’s sponsorship provides for the CFC Drawing winnings and other campaign activities, including kick-off and training events.

The Early Bird incentive brought a tremendous amount of pledges the week of the November 18 deadline.  All those who pledged to a CFC charity before the deadline, regardless of the amount they pledged was entered into the drawing. Thank you to all the donors for your continued dedication to the CFC mission and all you do to help some of the most vital and effective charities in our community, nationally and globally. Stay tuned for the announcement of the Contributor Recognition drawings in late January.


Left: President and CEO PGE Federal Credit Union Kenneth Poyton;
RI and SEMA USPS Coordinator Nona Maiorano; Early Bird winner
Vathana Keochaleune; Providence Postmaster Ron Pauline; RI and
SEMA USPS Coordinator Jeanne Pollard; USPS Providence
CoordinatorRose Russo and Olneyville Post Office Manager
Joanne Keeling.





The Contracts Department of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport, RI, held a CFC fundraiser on November 3.  The "Hot Diggity Dog Fundraiser" featured, of course, hotdogs with all of the trimings.


More than 86 people participated... raising almost $450.00 for the Campaign.





This fundraiser is one of MANY planned and organized for the 2015 Campaign season by LFCC Chair and CFC Coordinator John Woodhouse with the help of his keyworkers and NUWC employees.


Are you a CFC coordinator or keyworker?  If so, give some thought to organizing a fundraiser in your federal agency or military unit!  Your campaign will be much more successful if you do as John and employees at NUWC will attest! 


If you held a CFC fundraiser, we are happy to post the details here.  Simply foward the information (w/pix, if you have any) to: CFC Director Felicia Lesnett





Thanks to the generous donations received from the Combined Federal Campaign...


CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to help thousands of abused and neglected children and their families each year.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to help hundreds of thousands of animals through their programs and services in adoption, spay/neuter, law enforcement, and veterinary medicine.




CFC-participating charitable health organizations can offer help and hope to men, women and children around the world who suffer from a life-threatening illness.




CFC-participating charitable organizations can work on local, regional, national and international levels to: combat climate change, protect from environmental health hazards, protect wildfire habitat, eliminate pollution from air, water, and land, preserve natural resources, and educate about environmental issues worldwide.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to offer permanent supportive housing so formerly homeless familes have a place to call home.




CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to provide help for thousands of the world’s most vulnerable citizens.





CFC-participating charitable organizations are able to serve the needs of our disabled military veterans and their families by providing a range of services including shelter, counseling, training and job assistance.






CFC-participating charitable organizations are thankful for the support they receive

from the thousands of Federal employees around the world

whose generosity makes it possible for them to

continue providing desperately needed services for those in need.



Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts
Combined Federal Campaign 


Campaign Director, Emily Gilmore


178 Tremont Street,

Boston, MA 02111

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